Candace Mercer is intellectually honest and fair.

Candace Mercer is not afraid to speak of inconvenient truths. She has changed the conversation around homelessness in Olympia. She investigated the OPD shooting of two black men in 2015. She helped produce the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural, a downtown Olympia landmark. She was also active with the Thurston Mason Crisis Clinic, the Olympia Rafah Sister City Project, Works in Progress and was a board member of the Garfield PTA. She has also worked on cannabis and chronic pain advocacy.

Candace is an autodidact, having read over 3K books. That is 1.5 tons. She is an award winning artist who has had her work shown in major museums, she is an accomplished writer and editor and has been a community organizer in Olympia for 25 years.

Her special interests include strategy games with rulebooks more than 20 pages, gardening and extreme rock climbing/mountaineering. She is currently 33% of the way through Balzac's La Comedie Humaine and actually read 100% of Infinite Jest.

She lives with two cats, a blue-mitted Tortie point named Eva Catgoria and Benedict Cumberpaws who has 23.5 toes.


Three things Candace is proud of:


Her highly curated game collection. Candy is also a playtester, credits include Scythe: Rise of Fenris. She is also a Stonemaier Ambassador. She is a fangirl of Vlaada Chvatil, David Turczi and cannot wait until her 3D Terraforming Mars minis ship this summer. 


Mercer possesses a shelf of mountain climbing books, some autographed, tales of courage, survival and the brotherhood of the rope. She has studied the life of Willi Unsoeld, a founder of Evergreen who died on Mount Rainier in 1979. He was one of the first people to TRAVERSE Mount Everest, a feat of pure insanity not oft repeated. Mercer follows Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell, two big wall climbers know for death-defying feats in Yosemite, she looks up to them for their grit and willingness to endure pain for their art.


The third picure shows Ms. Mercer's art hanging at Evergreen. The paintings are from a set of of seven she did for a 1993 one-woman show at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY, Candace's hometown. The show was entitled Man Has to Be His Own Savior and was about reinvention of self and transcendence from pain. It was based on two Springsteen works, Lucky Town and Human Touch.