I will fight for Olympia.

This is our home.

People are not safe.

This is not


   The real crisis in Olympia

is not homelessness,

        it is lack of leadership.

Do you want four more years of suffering?


People are upset about changing norms for what is considered permitted behavior in our community. This is the root of our collective distress and cause for deep moral reflection. In the name of tolerance, we are allowing anti-social behavior to become entrenched.

4th Avenue Bridge

There is compassion in boundaries, dignity in reciprocal relationships and integrity in personal agency.

It is going to take creative low-cost, high-impact DIY public private partnerships to heal and house Olympia, one relationship at a time.

Our residents & businesses are up to the challenge but they need leadership to inspire & support their hard work.

I will never give up on Olympia. I know you won't either.